5 Video Applications for Android: Slow motion and editors with effects


The camera of the mobile is one of the most important components. In addition to taking pictures we can also record with her and for that reason today we bring you the best video applications for Android. A collection with which we hope you get the most out of this photographic use of the smartphone. We will see from slow motion applications, video editors to add effects and the most fun applications to record with the mobile.

5 different video applications. Some of them are simpler and specialized, others are authentic editors with a multitude of options and some are very fun with which we will surely surprise our friends. We hope you discover one that catches your attention, install it on your device and get more out of a more complex use of the camera than taking pictures but also with many possibilities.


With the passage of time, mobile cameras have taken a huge leap. In addition to more megapixels we have optical and electronic stabilization, ability to record video in 4K, timelapses and record up to 960fps, in some phones like the latest Sony.

If this is not the case and you have a more humble mobile, there is no problem because with these applications we can convert a standard recorded video into one in slow motion, reducing its speed to our liking.


Videoshop is a video editor that allows us to add all kinds of effects. The one that interests us the most is the slow or ultra-fast camera. We chose the video from our gallery and we can edit it so that it seems several times slower or much faster. It is not exactly the same as if the camera had made that video natively, but the feeling is the same unless we lose quality.

In addition to modifying the speed, we have the possibility of adding music, effects of animal sounds, explosions or laughter. Also join several videos, add text, titles, trim change the colors of the video. An easy to use editor that offers us the basic features that we look for in a video application for Android.

Slow Motion Aspiration

We turn to a slow motion application whose only function is precisely this one. We choose the video, we mark the speed from -16X to + 16X and we give it to save. If we configure it with negative values the video will be processed in slow motion, if we give higher values the video will fly by.

It does not have much more mystery but we must warn everyone that if the video initially took 1 minute, in slow motion it will logically take longer with the consequent increase in size. In mobile with little space you have to be careful.

Slow motion effect

Another simple application for recording videos in slow motion. It has also recently been updated by improving the algorithm and promising that videos will look smoother on all phones. The Bizo Mobile application lets us record a video with sound and accelerate or slow it down. It does not have much more, but they give us some ideas to take advantage of it: an object falling, spitting water, pets running… the rest of ideas will have to put them each one.

Inverted film

From the same developer we have inverted film. This time the effect we can apply is not to slow down or accelerate, but to record and turn it around. When we press it, we will turn it around and get very funny effects such as walking, drinking or throwing something. Another application that thanks to its simplicity and specialization has managed to convince many users who are just looking for this effect.

EnjoyMobi video editor

We are facing a free video editor downloaded by millions of users. There is no time limit for videos that can be edited. We can add up to 10,000 different song types, edit the videos and share them, add emojis, cut and even record our voice and add it as if it were a dub.

EnjoyMobi is quite complete and its design invites the creation of videos. We can also control the speed as well as apply more than 30 different filters. One of the options with effects to take into account if we want to give a funny touch to our videos.

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