Assistant Comes Loaded With New Features at CES, Instant Translator for Including Google Home

How could it be otherwise, Google has focused part of the attention of the technology fair that opens the season every year from Las Vegas. Nevada has once again hosted the CES, which in 2019 has had an equal presence of artificial intelligence, televisions and personal computers, and less of mobile phones. Although Assistant is in them, and here we bring it to you.

The assistant with artificial intelligence of Google is, worth the redundancy, more and more intelligent, and Google has summarized the news that has presented today in the famous city of sin. Among them, the arrival of the Interpreter Mode already released by the Pixel Buds headphones to the Google Home and also to the smart displays.

Google Assistant Connect

More and more focused on being the nexus between users and their connected devices at home, Google has presented its Google Assistant Connect program in Las Vegas. A system for smart home automation manufacturers to make it easier to connect their devices to Assistant and, therefore, to us.

One of the samples that has been taken to the CES is an electronic ink screen that has been seen at the fair, and that becomes a very economical visual interface to receive information from Google Assistant anywhere in our home, or even in shops and means of transport. Simply connect to the Google Assistant Connect network and with a simple microphone we can interact with it.

Lenovo watches and other displays

Another innovation in hardware linked to Google Assistant at CES comes from the hands of Lenovo. A smart watch for our bedside table, for the living room or for any room in which we need it. Four inches of touch screen in which we can have not only a clock but also different alarms based on our daily calendar.

The clock will arrive in the spring at $ 79, and we’ll see at what price it lands in the European market, if it finally does. But it has not been the only smart screen associated with Assisant, since Whirpool has presented its KitchenAid Smart Display, a kitchen assistant in which to consult recipes and, incidentally, control the domotic system of our home. All in 10 inches water resistant.

On the way, Assistant is also added to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam, two of Sonos’ intelligent speakers that will be updated to be compatible with Assistant so they can be connected to our home network. In this way, we can use them as speakers in our network by sending music from our Google Home, for example.

Google counted that Assistant already works with more than 1,600 brands of automated products for the home, and that it operates in more than 10,000 different devices. From programmable cookers to intelligent refrigerators, washing machines, refrigerators for wine storage, ovens, dishwashers and even showers.

Assistant is already on Google Maps for Android and iOS

Another of the novelties presented in this CES has been the integration of Assistant with Google Maps in the car for the two mobile platforms that cover the market today. Android, logically, and also iOS. Now we can send the time we have left to our friends and family, answer messages with voice and request music and listen to podcasts without leaving Google Maps.

In addition, in Android, Assistant will be able to read our text messages and send them, operate with WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, Android Messages and more. We will also have a real-time calculation of the time that we lack until the destination and we can ask Assistant simply “Take me home”, and that opens Maps indicating the route to our home.

Assistant, direct to the phone

Not only we have news for Assistant in vehicles but also in mobile phones. The Google assistant will soon begin to check our upcoming flights to notify us of delays, store our boarding pass and offer it to us when we ask for it. All this in both iOS and Google. A simple “Ok, Google, check my flight” will do.

In addition, we can book hotel rooms through several of the most important hotel websites, such as AccorHotels or Expedia, and we can also send all kinds of notes of our trips to Keep, Bring! or Todoist. To this we can add that Assistant on the mobile will let us operate without unlocking it, offering us searches, allowing us to configure alarms and even with personal data, if we wish. This functionality will first reach the Pixel in English, and later it will be extended to the rest of the ecosystem.

The last great novelty that comes to Assistant and that has been presented at this CES is the expansion of simultaneous translation that was already premiered by the Pixel Buds a few months ago. This simultaneous translation, which Google calls Interpreter Mode, will land shortly in the Google Home and also in the smart displays controlled by Assistant.

The pilot of this simultaneous translation for Home has been presented at CES and a simple “Ok Google, be my interpreter in French” has been based so that many of the attendees could play to speak in one language and Assistant repeated the phrase in the adequate language A functionality that may not be very useful at home but in business for the public. As we can see, Assistant has visited the CES loaded with news. We hope that the deployment of them will not be delayed too much.

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