Google Confirms That Stops Making Chromecast Audio

In 2015, Google introduced a device focused on the consumption of streaming music content, Chromecast Audio. Its price was 39 euros, it was compatible with most music services on demand and now is the time to say goodbye. Google has stopped manufacturing it officially.

The news jumped this morning on Reddit when a user said that the Chromecast Audio he had bought for Christmas had been canceled, since it had stopped being manufactured. In fact, if we access the Google store we will see that the text “Out of stock” appears on the purchase button.

“Our product suite continues to evolve”

From Xataka Android we have contacted Google to know the status of this device and, indeed, the Great G has confirmed what the Reddit user has already done. According to a company spokesperson:

“Our product suite continues to evolve and we now have a variety of products for users to enjoy the audio, so we have stopped making our Chromecast audio products, we will continue to offer support for Chromecast Audio devices, so users can follow enjoying their music, podcasts and much more. ”

Currently the Big G has in its catalog of products the Google Home and Google Home Mini, two devices that come to be an evolution of Chromecast Audio with integrated speakers and Google Assistant. This type of devices have gained great importance in recent months, so it is understandable that Google wants to bet on them to the detriment of older products.

The current owners of a Chromecast Audio will be able to continue using it as up to now through the Google Home application, both in Android smartphones and in iPhones and iPads.

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